Let’s talk about Ducks…err…Cats

Have you seen Tuna?  No, not the fish, the show!  Greater Tuna, Tuna Christmas, Red White and Tuna, Tuna Does Vegas?  If you haven’t, you are missing out!  Every character in the show is played by only 2 men and I don’t know how they pull it off.  “Let’s talk about ducks” is one of the lines in one of the shows (I think Greater Tuna), which has absolutely nothing to do with this, it’s just what came to mind!  Go see a Tuna if you have the chance!  OK moving on.

Remember those cats that showed up on my porch before Easter?  The ones that I said I couldn’t keep?  The ones I begged people to come and get so I didn’t have to take them to the shelter?  The ones that Miss M and I are both allergic to?  The ones that I am totally in love with and can’t get rid of now?  Yeah, those.  I never have been a cat person.  Cats don’t do anything.  They don’t play fetch, they don’t come when you call them, they hide from everyone.  But kittens, now kittens are a different story.  They look at you with their cute, sweet, precious kitten eyes and you forget all about them growing into cats.  So you feed them.  Because Mama cat is super skinny and she has to be able to take care of those cute, sweet, precious kittens.  And then they have to go to the vet.  Because they’re snotty and have eye infections and you can’t not fix those cute, sweet, precious kitten eyes.  And $100 later you have 3, yes 3, medications for the cats.  The ones that you begged people to come and get.  The ones with those cute, sweet, precious kitten eyes. 

This is my first experience with cats.  I’ve never had cats before.  The allergies you know.  The reason Miss M is now also snotty and itchy eyed every day.  I learned that cats don’t really care to take medicine.  The vet conveniently left that little tidbit of info out.  They especially do not like the ear medicine.  So now they fear me when they see me coming with THE box.  The one with the medicine.  The $100 medicine for the cats I said I couldn’t keep. 

The kitties are perfectly happy playing around the porch all day.  Killing and eating the flowers.  They also blessed us with a prize, the mother bird that’s been sitting on her nest in the back yard, and the trail of blood across the porch.  It’s a good thing they have those cute, sweet, precious kitten eyes. 

Now let’s talk about the mouse.  As much as I hate to say it, we have a little mouse problem right now and I’m hoping the cats will help with that.  But tonight there was a mouse on my kitchen floor.  Standing there looking at me.  Why didn’t it run?  The dog went to smell it, and it didn’t move.  What is wrong with this mouse?  What’s wrong with the dog?  What’s wrong with the cats?  Okay, in their defense, they are not inside cats.  They stay outside, killing the flowers and birds, because of the allergies remember.  I was able to throw a bowl over the mouse on the floor.  Now what the heck am I going to do with a live mouse under a bowl?  Hubby just left town for 2 days; men are never there when you need them for man things.  And this is definitely a man thing.  So enter the Dad.  The best Dad in the world that will always come to my rescue.  Dad gets mouse outside and sets it free on the porch surrounded by kitties.  Mama cat smells it.  Again, it doesn’t run.  It takes a few steps, Mama smells it again.  Kittens totally ignore it.  Mama walks away to take a nap.  *Sigh* So much for the cats earning their keep!  Super Dad takes care of the mouse that Mama cat wouldn’t.

Now we have 4 worthless cats.  And I am totally loving the little black one.  Maybe it’s my love for Halloween.  But now she’s my baby, and her name is Kit Kat. 

Kit Kat


And Miss M  picked her favorite, Allie. 



The last kitten is the wild child, Snickers. 



All girls.  All with those cute, sweet, precious kitten eyes. 

 And of course Mama.  We tried to give her a name, but nothing stuck.  So she’s just Mama.


I have to go disinfect my kitchen now and purge all mouse memories from my mind.  It might be a long night.  And in the morning I’ll have the kittens to love and snuggle.  They may see less food in their bowl; they need to be a little mouse hungry!


About Candy

Trying to cram 48 hours into every day. Love pink, sparkles, diamonds, all things girly. Mom to Miss M. Wish I had more time to bake the things that I don't need to eat.
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