Problems cured!

First of all, I’m writing as I sit by the water at Lake Buchanan. Life is great! What did we do before iPhones? More on that later.
I’m flipping through a little magazine, something mostly done on vacation, and learning all the things I should be doing to cure all my problems. No, not the mental ones. There’s no cure for that! Thought I would share all that I am learning. See, I even think of you all while on mini vacation! I’ll share as I try to remedy these ghostly white legs.
1. For a whiter smile, brush your teeth with the inside of an orange peel once a week for 2 minutes before brushing as usual.
2. I should choose a swimsuit with crisscross ruching to make me look slimmer. There’s not enough ruching in the world for that. Maybe if it were head to toe.
3. I need a hat with a wide brim for my round face.
4. Lessen underarm jiggle by doing kickbacks.
5. A daily massage to smooth away half your cellulite. Sounds like a good excuse.
6. Shrink varicose veins with hawthorn berries. Need a supplement.
7. Reduce chicken skin by using a lotion with 12% lactic acid. This one applies to Miss M.
8. Blackberries fade spider veins.
9. Yogurt cuts fat storage.
10. Strawberries improve memory. I knew I should have remembered to eat some this morning.
11. Milk fires up metabolism. Does chocolate milk count?
12. Oranges erase cellulite.
13. Cherries keep the body young.
14. Avocados tame tension. Not eating those. They’re green.
15. Apricots flush fat. Not eating those either. Unless it’s jelly. Pretty sure that’s counterproductive.
16. White beans banish belly bloat.
17. Yoga erases cellulite too.
18. Blueberries shrink varicose veins. So now it’s blueberries, hawthorn berries, and blackberries for my veins.
19. Whey protein = fast slim.
20. Green tea for jiggly belly fat.
21. Vitamin C for cellulite.
22. Take glucomannan for all over fat. Again, not enough of this in the world.
23. Vitamin B to boost energy. I know some people that seem to get high on this stuff.
24. Mountains rev metabolism.
25. Forests boost immunity.
26. Open water eases anxiety. Working right now.
27. Nature preserves release anger.
28. Gardens lift depression
Now I have to move to 5 different places at once.
29. Refocus by taking a whiff of basil.
30. Jillian Michaels says her whey protein is better. At least it comes in chocolate and vanilla.

All of this comes from First magazine, May 16, 2011 edition. There’s much more in it; this is just what’s relevant to me.
Looks like I have a lot of shopping and moving to do. After I get back to the real world. Right now I’m going back to my little piece of paradise. I think living here could cure all my problems. Thanks Aunt R & Uncle J for sharing your paradise!



About Candy

Trying to cram 48 hours into every day. Love pink, sparkles, diamonds, all things girly. Mom to Miss M. Wish I had more time to bake the things that I don't need to eat.
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