I know, twice in one day, but sometimes you just feel compelled.  I was reading a blog that I like,, and knew I had to do it.  The idea is to write about being grateful for 5 minutes and then stop, no editing, no takebacks.  So here goes…

I am grateful for…life.  Yeah, I know, who isn’t, but it’s been really weighing on me today.  Last night our town lost one of its firefighters at the Rangers baseball game.  A fun outing with his son suddenly turned tragic.  I don’t know the family on a personal level, but I do know them as parents of one our children at school.  He would come to eat with his son at school at least once a week and was always nice to talk to.  When he came in we would chat for a second if I wasn’t busy, or if I was busy he knew the drill and could take care of himself.  A genuinely nice guy.  And his son is one of the kids that you can’t help but love!  I keep thinking about him today.  How he witnessed his Dad fall.  I can’t imagine how he feels today.

So I’m grateful for life.  Death is not scary to me; leaving a child without a parent terrifies me!  He will be missed by all.

Dedicated to the Shannon Stone family, I will hold you in my heart and prayers.  May God grant you peace and comfort.


About Candy

Trying to cram 48 hours into every day. Love pink, sparkles, diamonds, all things girly. Mom to Miss M. Wish I had more time to bake the things that I don't need to eat.
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