July 4th = Parade time!

Wow it’s been a while!  So much has happened in the past 6 weeks.  But we’ll have to catch up on that later.  Today, we have to talk about July 4th.

I love July 4th.  I don’t, however, love the 100 degree temps!  I keep pushing to have it moved to February, but nobody will listen.

Growing up, it meant going to our lake cabin at Lake Texoma and shootin’ fireworks with cousins.  Then we got a little older, and didn’t want to be taken away from our friends for that long.  So then it meant going out to Lake Brownwood, playing all day, watching the fireworks, and staying the night out on the dock.  It’s funny how life goes in phases.  We do the same thing for years, it’s our tradition, and then suddenly we change our tradition.  Which brings us to our current tradition, the parade in Belton.

This is the mother of all Independence Day parades.  Seriously.  I had no idea what I was in for the first year that I went.  I was expecting a little 20 minute parade like we have in my hometown.  Imagine my surprise after 2 hours of sweat, sunburn, and dehydration!  I was in shock of all the floats, horses, cars, soldiers, tractors- they have it all!  I’m not making this stuff up y’all.  Texas Highways has called it one of the top 10 places to be in Texas on July 4th, so it must be true.  So for 8 years now, that’s where I’ve been every July 4th.  Which leads us to the reason why it’s so important for us to be there.

Miss M has the pleasure of riding in the parade with Ma & Pa, the Hubs parents.  Pa is Mayor of the fair city of Belton, and Miss M has been in the parade with them since she was 2 if my memory is correct.  Sure sometimes I think I wish I could do this other thing in this other town, but I know this won’t last forever.  One day the opportunity will be gone, or she will grow out of it, and then we’ll have to find a new tradition. Right now, this is where we should be.

Usually Cousin G also rides in the parade but this year she cruised to Bermuda!  I sure did miss the yearly picture of the 2 of them all decked out in their stars and stripes.

Cousin G & Miss M, 2009

But this year we had a new cousin to join us, Cousin L is only 5 months old so he had to learn the ropes this year.

Pa & Cousin L

Looks like he did an awesome job! I think it would be really cool if all 8 of us could ride, just once.  The whole family.  Cuz that’s what it’s all about!

Now comes the part where I get to inundate you with pictures of my kid from years past.  I get to do that.  Cuz it’s my blog and nobody can stop me!

Ma, Cousin L, Aunt S, Miss M, Pa

Aren’t they cute!  And hot!

Must wave…even while drinking!

Did you notice the crowds?  They are unbelievable!  Every year there’s more people.


Pretend like her eyes are open…






Look!  Even Blue Baby made it to that parade!  Her favorite doll ever, by the way!


I have no pictures from 2003.  I didn’t go that first year.  Nobody told me it was a big deal, so I had no idea!  Maybe they exist somewhere, but I don’t have any.

But wait, there’s more!  Just some of my favorite things.

Ronald is there every year

Tow-Mater and Lightning McQueen

love the giant HEB carts! Yeah, I’m weird like that

Why? In a parade? Really?

Maggie Moo!

Ginormous tractor things

OK I’ll stop now.  Until next year!


About Candy

Trying to cram 48 hours into every day. Love pink, sparkles, diamonds, all things girly. Mom to Miss M. Wish I had more time to bake the things that I don't need to eat.
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2 Responses to July 4th = Parade time!

  1. Aunt S says:

    So great! Please repeat all the pictures every year! So awesome to see how much M has changed over the years. Time really flies, huh?!?

  2. I almost cried when I read this…I feel like we missed a whole year of our life by not being here on the 4th! Vacay was fun, but we certainly missed being here! 😦

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