This is so daunting! Maybe someone else should write this part. Let’s see. Contrary to popular belief, I really like to cook, especially bake. Unfortunately I’m best at cooking things that really aren’t healthy. I really hate to work all day, and then cook, and then clean it all up. Yuck! Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of ’96. Whoop! Love glitter, sparkle, foo foo, home decorating, not necessariy with glitter and foo foo. Miss M does not like glitter, sparkle, foo foo. Whose kid is she anyway?? Mom to 1, Miss M who is 11 going on 20. Enjoy living near my parents. Where would I be without them? My dream is to live in the snow during the winter and at the beach during the summer; my husband would rather be on a ranch hunting deer. Currently have 1 dog – Gig ‘Em, 1 turtle – Toni, and 5 cats – Mama, Allie, Snickers, Jasmine, and Reese’s, aka Reese’s Piesces or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. By day I’m a Realtor® helping others buy and sell their homes. I really just want to share our life here. What we do, where we go, things we see.


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